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Support Our Veterans by Getting Rid of Your Junk Car

Junkers, Non-running, Wrecked or Totaled Vehicles Accepted!

It's never been this easy to get rid of your junk vehicle. Call us now at (866) 454-0598 and tell us about the vehicle you'd like to donate. We'll schedule a completely free pick up and you'll get a tax receipt worth up to $500 or more!

It's Time to Say Goodbye to that Old Junker.

Call us now to donate your car & we'll come pick it up for free today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Free pickup, running or not.
  • No hassles! No calls, questions, or price haggling.
  • No strangers coming to your home, no worries about liability, no emissions check required.
  • No cost! Avoid repair or emission check costs. No ad cost to sell your vehicle.
  • Avoid confusing paperwork, title transfers, etc.
  • Qualifies for IRS Tax Deduction.

All you need to do is fill out an online application or give us a call! A local towing company will you call to make arrangements to pick up your donation. You’ll receive a donation receipt and if your donation sells for more than $500 you will receive an IRS Tax Form 1098C.

Every vehicle donated to helps fund programs that help put Veterans to work, including starting their own business!

If you itemize your taxes your donation automatically qualifies for up to a $500 tax deduction. If your donated car, truck, van, or SUV sells for more than $500 we’ll send you an IRS Form 1098C that allows you to write off the full sale price.

Sometimes it can be picked up the same day you call! You’ll get a call from the towing company within 24 hours. Let them know when it’s convenient to have the car picked up. If you need a rush pick up, just let the transport company know when they call.

Donated vehicles are towed away by a bonded and licensed transport company. Your car will be sold at an authorized auto auction, or to a licensed salvage company.

You are not responsible for any charges or fees after your vehicle is picked up. In some States you need to return the license plates and/or notify your insurance company. In some States there’s a Form to file with the State showing a transfer of ownership. We recommend you follow the procedures in your state.

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